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    Assassin of Archery, deputy leader of the Toa Foireann, Dermis Shell theologian and apologist.
    Assassin of Archery, deputy leader of the Toa Foireann, Dermis Shell theologian and apologist.

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    The Dermis Shell Rulz Empty The Dermis Shell Rulz

    Post by Zarayna on Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:44 pm

    DISCLAIMER: These rules are meant (mostly) as jokes. If you want to read the actual site rules, go to this topic.

    Rule 1: Obey all rules.
    Rule 2: Disobey rule 1 at all costs.
    3a: And knives.
    3b: And scissors.
    3c: And any sharp and pointy object, in fact.
    3d: Whatever, beware of EVERYTHING.
    Rule 4: Members of the ghost group are NOT allowed to haunt any topics, posts or forums. You can only do that after I assassinate you. Wink
    4a: And no,you cannot scream boo at anyone.
    4b: Any ghost caught doing any of the above will be assassinated,and then may legally continue their actions.
    Rule 5: The Pink Kingdom will return, and you foolish manly members will fall to it's pinkness.
    Rule 6: Do not talk to the Zar while he is in debating mode.
    6: If you do, please fling a bucket of ice cold water at him first.
    Rule 7: No Dermis, lava is NOT a good floor.
    7a: No, you cannot pave the Dermis Shell with it.
    7b: And you can't swim in it.
    7c: And don't even think of making ice floors either.
    Rule 8: Dermis and Shell are not allowed to use this site for their world domination by turtles plots.
    8a: No, I don't care if you'll give equal rights to cats.
    8b: Or that you'll have all dogs executed.
    8c: Okay, stop bugging me about it, or I'll feed you to a dog, kay?
    8d: Forget that, if you don't stop, I'll fry you up and feed you to Shell.
    8e: I don't care if that will make him a cannibal.
    8f: Look, one more word out of you and I'll fuse you to the turtle table.
    8g: ...Well that shut him up.
    8h: ...Where did my cats go?
    8i: DERMIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rule 9: an official Zardegree: Finding more than three people in one chatroom is to be considered a miracle.
    9a: And if you find more than five, feel free to pinch yourself to wake up.
    Rule 10: entering the turtle vault will result in death. If you are found t have pilfered any of its contents, you will receive a fate at least five times worse than death.
    10a: And if you swallowed the vault whole, you might want to multiply that five by a thousand.
    10b: wait, where did the vault go?
    10c: And why is your stomach so huge Shell?
    10d: ...Oh no...
    10e: I think I'm going to get an exterminator. This place needs less turtles.
    10f: Shell, why are you opening your mouth?
    10g: You'd better not, Shell. I'm warning you...
    10h: *gulp*
    11. You do not talk about the shell.
    12. You DO NOT talk about the shell.
    13. The Pink Kingdom will never return.
    14. If this is your first night in the chatbox, you HAVE to spam.
    15. Do not, under any circumstances, question Dovy in a video game rant.
    16. Never bring up the pros of owning a BioWare game around Dovy in a video game rant.
    17. The Forsaken is awesome.
    18. You should play the Forsaken.
    19. If you see Aderia in a chatbox, do not apporach. She will buck and run like a frightened rabbit.
    20. In Tyler We Trust.
    21. In Legolover We Trust.
    22. Grammar mistakes shall not be tolerated.
    22a. The Grammar Reich shall soon be established.
    22b. Resistance is futile. You shall be assimilated -- in a grammatically-correct fashion, of course.
    23. Inside jokes own normal jokes. Period.
    25. Do NOT mention Dermis.
    25a. Redundancy can be helpful.
    26. cat does NOT look like a cat. Do not say it looks like a cat. Do not imply that it may possibly kind of sort of look like a cat when you squint and tilt your head in a certain way. It does not. Period. End of story.
    27. Semicolons are the treasure of true grammar nazis; thus, correct usage of them shall spare you from untimely death.
    28. Linkin Park rocks.
    28a. So does Train.
    28b. And Coldplay.
    29. We like to mess with your heads.
    30. I'm on a horse.

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