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    Post by Zarayna on Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:09 pm

    Please post all profiles here. Profiles do not have to be approved, unless out of the ordinary.

    Out of the ordinary means that if your character is a custom species, has a custom element, mask, or power, you need to PM it to a GM (Any member of the RPG Staff) beforehand. If you get the okay, post it in here and say that the profile has been approved, listing the mod who approved it.

    The profile sheet is as follows (bold is optional, and you can change the coding if you want):

    [b]Name:[/b] What is the name of your character?
    [b]Species:[/b] What species?
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male? Female? None?
    [b]Appearance:[/b] What does your character look like?
    [b]Element:[/b] List your character's element, if the character has one.
    [b]Kanohi:[/b] If your character wears a kanohi, list it here.
    [b]Powers:[/b] What powers does your character have?
    [b]Abilities:[/b] What abilities does your character have? Strong? Fast? Slow? Smart?
    [b]Weakness(es):[/b] Please list your character's weakness/weaknesses. All characters must have at least one weakness.
    [b]Weapons and Equipment:[/b] What weaponry or other equipment does your character have?
    [b]Personality:[/b] What is your character like? Quick tempered? Quiet? Outgoing? What?
    [b]Other Notes (Optional):[/b] List any other notes about your character here.
    Only one post per person in this topic.

    To start, my profiles:

    Name: Moka
    Gender: Male.
    Species: Vortixx
    Kanohi: None.
    Appearance: Moka is, to put it simply, bizarre. Hardly anyone would ever think of him as a vortixx. Standing a few heads taller then a toa, Moka is far less mechanical then any other member of his species - an estimated 40-50% mechanical. His face is almost humanoid, with bright yellow eyes shining out from his deep green skin. He wears a long coat that reaches almost to his ankles. His mechanical parts are all armored, and he wears a pauldron over his coat, covering his neck and shoulders, as well as the top of his body. He wears a leather belt slung over his right shoulder, and crossing his chest to end at the left side of his waist. He has several canisters of bolts clipped on. Two sheaths house twin short katana. To top this all off, he wears what is probably his best form of defense, his hat. More correctly, his helmet. At first it appears to be a massive round shield balanced on top of his head. A closer inspection reveals something far more. The hat is made out of pure protosteel, making it almost totally impervious to any attack. it's edges are razor sharp, making it a deadly throwing weapon. It is massive, with a diameter of almost three feet.
    For a better description of Moka's pauldron, face, coat, build and hat, see here.
    Powers: None.
    Abilities: Moka is an exceptional athlete, and makes even the most agile Vortixx look like a bumbling hulk beside him. He is extremely agile and fast, as well as possessing quite good strength, and great stamina. He is an excellent shot with his crossbow, even though with it's abilities he could have easily used it as a spray and pray weapon. He is, on top of this, quite skilled in hand to hand fighting, especially with fists and twin swords.
    Weakness(es): Moka has no powers.
    Equipment: Moka wields what would for him be a nice, one handed axe, which he can use with either one or two hands. It is about three and a half to four feet long, and would be a two handed weapon for any toa. His primary weapon however, is his crossbow, a highly mechanized weapon, which he can wield with either one or two hands. The crossbow has two strings, and bolts are loaded onto each alternatively. After a shot, the string is wound back to it's former stance, ready for use by the time the next shot is fired, this way allowing Moka to keep up a constant rain of bolts. The bolts are stored in canisters of about thirty bolts, which are loaded automatically onto the crossbow from the canister's position. He carries several spare canisters on him, as well as having dozens more in his packs. To add to this, he carries what he calls 'heavy artillery'. Namely, small rockets that can be fired from his crossbow. Like his bolts, he carries a large store in backup, as well as three on him. The second however would not be accessible during a battle. He wears a massive, plate like hat, made of pure protosteel, and with straps for his arm in hand, so he can use it as a shield if need be.
    His armor and clothing, and helmet have been described in the appearance, so I will not go into any more detail.
    Personality: Strong and silent are the right words to use. However, Moka has many more traits. He is extremely stubborn, he has a long memory, and has been known to hold grudges for hundreds of years. To add to this mix, he has a high sense of honor.

    Name: Ayanza
    Species: A little known species. The only known member was a Dark Hunter who gave the location of the Makoki stone to two Skakdi, Hakann and Vesok.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ayanza is very tall; well over ten feet in height. He is thin, although fairly well armored. His wings are like that of a missive bat, originally. In order to make them even deadlier, their edges are rimmed with razor edged blades.
    Element: None.
    Kanohi: Suletu.
    Powers: Ayanza has one power; teleportation. It is not, however, limited to classic teleportation. Instead, he has the ability to teleport other beings, or objects, at will. to do this, he must either know the location he is teleporting his victim to, or see it. Using a Suletu can improve this, like it would on a Kulais. He can also teleport himself.
    Abilities: Ayanza is (obviously) an expert flyer. In the air he is fast and deadly. Even on the ground he moves like a striking snake. He is fairly strong, and has an extremely large endurance, vital in order to fly for a long period of time. He can survive on lower amounts of air, and can resist the altered pressure of high altitudes better than most.
    Weakness(es): Ayanza is at home in the air, and is uncomfortable moving around on the ground for long. He is used to fighting in the air, so on the ground his skills are much less effective.
    Weapons and Equipment:Ayanza wields an AK-47, which he usually snaps onto a specially designed holster at his right side. The clips are designed to hold twice as many rounds as they would normally, and he carries many spare clips, as his empty ones always end up falling a few hundred feet and smashing whenever he reloads.
    Personality: Ayanza looks shifty, making people think he is in fact shifty. On the contrary, Ayanza's mind is always running on overdrive, and he is constantly darting his eyes around, and because of this he makes almost all decisions on the spot. When he gets mad, it shows in quick blasts of anger, which pass in moments, with him having almost no memory of it.
    Other Notes (Optional): Ayanza is pure awesomeness, just waiting to massacre all you fail PCs*. ^.^

    *This statement does not reflect the opinion of the Zar towards other PCs.

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    Post by The Shadowed on Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:25 pm

    Name: Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First (Whether this is his real name or not is unknown; see personality)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Toa of Oil
    Kanohi: The good Captain wears a Great Mask of Laser Vision upon his face, shaped like a Great Calix. Its power is pretty much what the title of the mask says: It allows the wearer to shoot lasers from their eyes. Unlike the Avohkii, it does not provide further light manipulation than that, and a wearer of the Mask of Laser Vision cannot make the lasers any wider than their eyes without help or a lense. However, the lasers can be used many more times than regular light powers and can be shot from the pupil of an eye, meaning a wearer only has to turn their eyes, not their head, to fry things with their ocular weapon.
    Appearance: Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First is of moderate build for a Toa, his only real difference from the average one in rough size and shape being his bulkier and more muscled upper body. He wears over his armor a belt slung across his left shoulder and returning to his back at his right hip, where he has strapped on a canvas backpack with a surujin. On his front, however, Rua has only strapped a recurved and compound machine crossbow and six magazines of quarrels. The Captain also wears a faded bright black beret with a cap badge of a sapphire shaped like a five-pointed star shoved to his left. His mask appears to be a glossy pitch-black Calix with two sapphire eyes staring out from it. Aki's armor is also colored a glossy pitch-black, and is always shining clean due to usage of his oil powers to scour his body.
    Powers: Doomslayer can control/absorb/manipulate any and all oil at a Toa level. He most often focuses this power through his mouth, spitting out gallons or globs of oil.
    Abilities: As the Captain is a Toa of Oil, the overall efficiency of his mechanical parts are increased. Therefore, he doesn't expend as much energy lifting something, for example, or running, than a normal Toa would. He also has mastered his three weapons and has a degree of training in covert operations and stealth.
    Weaknesses: The Captain has no real short-ranged weapons. He often relies on his oil power and surujin to deter or incapacitate physical attackers who are getting past his other weaponry; however, take these away and if one can get through his lasers or what they can do, then he is doomed.
    Equipment: Rua wields three weapons, each well-crafted. The first are a dozen EXTREMELY unripe madu cabolo, coated in oil, partly so that they don't explode from a mild shock unless the layer is peeled off and partly because the oil makes for a good thing to explode and kept within his backpack. They are mainly used as grenades, but can also be left in places, sticking to things with the oil, and then remote-detonated with a quarrel, a high-pressure oil stream, or something else. The second weapon of the Captain is a repeating crossbow. It is recurved and compounded for more power, and shoots one of the ten-quarrel magazines Aki wears in fifteen seconds. Although it is not as powerful as a regular crossbow, its fire is still powerful enough to pierce armor. Each quarrel is tipped with protosteel for extra piercing power, as well. Finally, Aki's last, and signature, weapon, is a surujin with a protosteel spike, a protosteel weight, and a thick rope in place of a chain. It is made specially, with the weight actually only being covered in a thin layer of protosteel, with a layer of wood of wood beneath that protecting a good deal of oil. As well, there is a hole present in the weight where the rope has been attached to the center of the ball. Therefore, if Aki uses a little oil power, he can send the oil already there out onto the rope.
    Personality: The Captain acts with complete disregard for rules of any kind, and also acts as though he is incredibly powerful and superhumanly good at fighting, as well as everything else. Thus, one would probably deduce that he suffers from a superiority complex. However, this mask-if it is a mask-appears to conceal a cunning mind to those who have caught a glimpse of his real self. Although he often appears as a bumbling, arrogant fool when first met, his tongue and actions cleverly hide his real plans, and often he will make mistakes on purpose. Because of his egnimatic persona, not one person in the Matoran Universe knows what his true plan is or just what his goals are.

    Name: Hukki
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ehlek's species
    Appearance: Hukki looks like this, although he wears a face-covering mask shaped like an Elda and is without a squid launcher and the talons. Strangely enough, he also has four clawed fingers, but no apparent thumbs until combat (see equipment). Finally, he also has a kusari fundo without a weight on one end welded onto each of his wrists by the chain end. Each is twined around his arms.
    Element: N/A
    Kanohi: N/A
    Powers: Hukki can generate electricity from his spines, and is also resistant to the shocks they give him. However, any electric charge much higher than that will hurt him.
    Abilities: As a member of Ehlek's species, Hukki can breathe water. He may stay out of it for some time, in which case he relies upon his mask to feed his gills enough water to last for one hour at rest. The mask can be refilled quite easily; however, it remains something that he relies upon when out of his native element. It also grants Hukki thermal imaging as while as normal sight, but sees both at the same time and can not be turned off as it directly interfaces with his brain. He has adapted to this quite well and often uses it in conjunction with his weapons to attack two targets at once with one arm (see equipment). He has also trained in the fields of stealth and reaction speed.
    Weaknesses: If Hukki's mask came off or was damaged on land, then he'd have only a minute or two before becoming too weak to fight or get more water. As well, it would rid him of his double thermal vision.
    Equipment: Hukki is armed with a kusari-fundo on each arm, but each is three meters long as opposed to the usual one at most and made of the finest Protosteel. As well, his actual thumbs have been replaced with 1/3-meter long sickle-like protosteel blades which have some degree of dexterity. They are also retractable, which is why they are only seen in combat.
    Personality: Hukki is quiet, but often makes clear his *censored* or dissent through actions. He follows the law above all, but when there is no law, he turns to his own strict moral code. Hukki may lack eloquence, but he makes up for it with precise reliability, an analytic mind, and quiet strength.

    Name: Stokunde
    Species: Toa of Gravity
    Gender: Unknown
    Appearance: A black with purple highlights Toa wearing what appears to be a Great Matatu with a scope. Their one visible eye is hidden by a black *censored* lense attached to their scope. They wear a belt with six pouches of senbon and two trench knives that each look like this.
    Element: Gravity
    Kanohi: Great Matatu, Kanohi of Telekinesis. This mask is not only used for traditional moving of objects with one's mind by Stokunde, but also for tactile telekinesis providing them with enhanced strength (credit for the idea goes to Lazzy the Spazzy).
    Powers: They can use Gravity at a Toa level. Most often with Stokunde, this is used to attract and repel things from each other, and especially to attract foes to things like lava or edged things at such a speed that they are torn apart or stabbed deep into them.
    Abilities: Stokunde's scope allows for telescopic and more clear vision at a distance. They are also both strong and quite tough, though this may be more of a mental toughness than anything.
    Weakness(es): Stokunde lacks agility, for the most part, and although tough, cannot dodge attacks very well.
    Weapons and Equipment: The Toa wields the two aforementioned protosteel trench knives as well as sixty protosteel senbon, ten to each of their six pouches.
    Personality: Stokunde speaks and apparently thinks mathematically. That is to say, they only talk in conjectures, hypotheses, theorems, and queries. They also possess an incredibly organized and neat mind, making people whom talk to Stokunde feel like they are talking to a computer. However, these quality makes Stokunde all the more deadly precise and objectively detached from any situation, and highly perceptive and aware of its surroundings.

    Name: Luuvei
    Species: Roidor-Basically a species of dappled gray toa-like beings.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Luuvei appears as a humanoid being the size of a toa. His armor is dappled and mixed gray all over, and is curved smoothly (not in that way). Luuvei's eyes are a dim blue, and he possesses no ears on a Hau-shaped face.
    Element: N/A
    Kanohi: N/A
    Powers: N/A
    Abilities: Like all members of his species, Luuvei is highly sensitive to vibrations. Though he has no ears, he can 'feel' the sound travelling through the ground and air, if close enough. However, his body is built specifically to channel them out of his own self without dealing any damage. Thus, he is far more resistant to them than a normal toa-sized and -shaped being; however, do note that enough stress on his structure in a short amount of time from sound will shatter it. As well, Luuvei's body is built in such a way that it can vibrate at many different frequencies. Most often, this is used by him to increase either the piercing and shattering powers of his body to extraordinary levels; send waves through armor at a touch to rupture blood vessels and internal organs, shear muscle, or shatter bone; push people back with the force of vibrating air; or vibrate his self while spinning to create a 360-degree shield of sound blasting air away around his body.
    Weakness(es): If Luuvei uses his ability too much in a short amount of time, he will begin to suffer the same damage his foes do. Thus, he aims to either cut fights as short as possible, or waste as much time between using his abilities as he can with dodging.
    Weapons and Equipment: Luuvei doesn't wield a conventional handheld weapon-nearly any would shatter easily under the stress of combat and constant vibration. However, he has studied a form of Martial Arts (a real-world equivalent of said form would be Snake Kung Fu with a generous dash of Northern Mantis) as well as the basics of a few closed-fist styles, and knows how to use his body as a weapon effectively and efficiently.
    Personality: Luuvei is highly cunning and perceptive of foes, but also quite self-aware. He is haunted by the trauma of losing something in the past and covers up for it with a slight bravado. He has learned to speak mainly through body language to those who aren't his species, and even learned a little bit of others' language from the vibrations they make, giving him a small vocabulary of Matoran. He possesses considerable analytic process, but is intuitive as well and trusts his gut. Combined, these traits make him highly unpredictable.

    Name: Kaze
    Species: Johmak's species
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kaze appears to be an obsidian Vortixx-like being wearing a mask shaped like the Sanok. He constantly carries two hook swords on a belt with hooks for them. If one looks very closely at his body, however, it is discovered that both these weapons and his armor and mask are made of millions of tiny black shards.
    Element: N/A
    Kanohi: Kaze wears the great Crast shaped like a Sanok.
    Powers: N/A
    Abilities: Kaze is capable of shattering himself, his mask, and his swords into millions of tiny black shards of crystalline matter with a thought; if he wishes, he may only shatter part of himself, his weapons, or his mask, but it requires so much concentration that he can't use his mask at the same time. As well, he is an expert swordsman, especially with his special swords, and knows many tricks. Finally, he is highly agile and can use his mask and ability to their fullest, along with being highly sensitive and perceptive of others, including their attack and defense patterns and strategies.
    Weakness(es): Kaze's main weakness is the fact that in crystal form, there isn't honestly that much he can do. He is nearly indestructible, but not quite, and in that form, he can't move without activating his mask.
    Weapons and Equipment: Kaze wields two hook swords made specially so that they can shatter into the same crystalline shards that he can when he does. They are tougher than regular weapons even when in sword form, but only about as tough as Pridak's blades, not protosteel.
    Personality: Kaze is a bit of a sadist, delighting in the pain his enemies feel. However, though this is a trait of his personality, it is by no means defining. He is inwardly roiling with emotion, especially with self-hatred and disgust at how cruel he can be sometimes or how stupidly emotional. He is often sentimental, but at the same time wishes to be stoic. He will never leave a comrade behind no matter what, but aspires to a pragmatist. Because of this, he appears to the outside world as angry and violent person who has a hard time making friends and keeping them. However, anyone who really knows him will come to realize that his greatest strength is what he considers his greatest weakness-sensitivity to others.

    More coming soon.

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    Post by Captain Marvel on Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:33 pm

    Name: Iridacea (Violet Prince)
    Species: Toa
    Gender: Male
    Element: Lightning
    Kanohi: Mask of Intangibility
    Powers: Control over the element Lightning
    Abilities: Iridacea possesses considerable intellect, able to decude fighting styles as well as riddles rather quickly. He has also mastered the use of fighting with his extremely unusual weapon. Iridacea can also use his intellect to create new techniques that would be invisible to those of lower intelligence. For example, he has shown the ability to use lightning to enhance the speed of his swinging rose-sword, and thus its slashing strength. The kinetic energy produced when he generates lightning is transferred to his swinging sword, making it move faster and hit its target a little bit harder.
    Weakness(es): Iridacea's main weapon is his intellect, and thus follows that he is not very strong charging straight into a fight. He prefers to win his battles by deducing a way to counter his opponent's techniques.
    Weapons and Equipment: Electric Rose Sword- A pink rose with a long green stem similar in length to a japanese long sword. This Rose is permanently electrically charged, do to Iridacea infusing some of his elemental power in it. It is also as hard as steel, a trait attributed to some unknown spell cast upon it previous to its finding by Iridacea. He also carries a small set of throwing knives strapped to a bandolier around his chest.
    Personality: The Violet Prince is incredibly laid back, and prefers to laze around not doing anything than to really accomplish what he's supposed to. However, once he starts doing something, he gives it his all, even if it's a boring task. He constantly sighs and tries to weasel his way out of work, but always ends up doing it in the end.
    Appearance: He has long, flowing purple hair that reaches down to his stomach, hence his nickname the violet prince. He also tends to dress somewhat regally, with a frilled button-down shirt underneath a black vest, the white frill sticking out of the black vest. He also occasionally wears a long black coat with fur around the wrists and the collar. He also wears black boots.

    Name: Cedric
    Species: Toa
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Always wearing a long black cloak that reaches down past his feet, Cedric's full-body appearance is never revealed. His hands are able to be seen, however, and they are very thin and very very white, enough so that when glimpsed from a distance they appear to be bone. Cedric's cloak does not have a hood, however, and exposes his equally skeletal-looking face. His eyes have black sclera, a black iris, but yellow pupils, giving them once again a skeletal appearance. He also has black spiky hair that sticks out of the back of his mask, and the hair never seems to lose its spike, leading some to believe it is not actually hair but some sort of black bone.
    Element: Sonics
    Kanohi: Kanohi Volitak, Mask of Stealth
    Powers: Control over sound waves, the ability to move at the speed of sound, the ability to move unseen and unheard.
    Abilities: Cedric is a master of intimidation. He can manipulate his opponents minds with his words in such a way that sets them in a psychological state of mind that, in its greatest effect, wins the battle for Cedric before it has even begun. He is also skilled at acrobatics and running, considering he can move at the speed of sound. He is also a very strong fighter.
    Weakness(es): Cedric's body is incredibly fragile, and if it takes only a couple hits can break and snap. This is why he wears his long cloak.
    Weapons and Equipment: Cedric's cloak has the strange ability to lengthen its end at Cedric's will until it reaches over 200 feet in length, at which point it stops lengthening. Cedric uses this ability in a variety of ways. Cedric's weapon is a strange, segmented golden whip as thick as a python with a large blade sticking out of it every segment. Cedric commonly refers to it as "Golden Demon" and when he says this, it will lengthen (or shorten into a more manageable size) much like Cedric's cloak.
    Personality: Cedric has a naturally intimidating personality. He is also extremely cruel and sadistic, and prefers to torture his opponents once he has defeated them. His voice sounds like two voices combined into one as well, which may be a trick of his power or it may not be. The two voices sound like one is high-pitched and the other is low-pitched. On top of this, he is also EXTREMELY insane. He does whatever his twisted mind thinks should be done, not even caring if he slashes himself to pieces in the process.

    Name: One (Pronounced Oh-nee)
    Species: The Silent Ones
    Gender: None
    Appearance: One wears a futuristic jumpsuit colored entirely dark purple. This includes a black helmet with a black visor. The reason he does this is to hide his strange face, which, as a Silent One, bears no mouth. He also possesses a purple tattoo of a 1 under his left eye, stretching down to his chin. There are many grooves in the skin of the jumpsuit, which can open to reveal different components. These include: A grappling hook on the outside of the right arm; A large wing-like glider on the back; Jet boosters on the heels, and a long blade on the outside of the left arm, parallel to it.
    Element: N/A
    Kanohi: N/A
    Powers: One has the ability to manipulate the energy in the world around him. This cannot be used to too great a degree, as One would "self-implode" in a sense. But what One can do does have almost endless variations. He can solidify the energy into weapons, he can use it to propel himself at near light-speed, he can release it in a blast that reveals his true power, intimidating opponents. He can also use it as if it were a form of magic, releasing it in beams out of his hands. He can also form images in it if his power grows strong enough, but this is extremely hard for him to do.
    Abilities: One was put through an extremely intense and rigorous training course when he was created, to ensure he would survive in the world. As such, he is a master in almost every form of combat, including but not limited to, Hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, archery, the use of guns, and other skills such as acrobatics, endurance, speed, and strength. One also possesses the ability to manipulate his unique power with great skill as well.
    Weakness(es): Not being able to speak, One has extreme difficulty communicating with his friends and enemies.
    Weapons and Equipment: Besides his jumpsuit, One has no weapons. This jumpsuit, however, is somewhat like a more advanced version of Silly Putty. It is flexible to One's movements, but if it is hit, the part of it that is hit hardens.
    Personality: When actually known to communicate, One has a quirky and eccentric personality, preferring the odd over the conventional.
    Bio: The Silent Ones, as a species, were created by a mad researcher looking for a way to increase the power of a Matoran into something akin to that of a Toa. What he theorized was that if the neural connections used for speech in a Matoran were replaced with those used by Toa for control of their elemental power, it granted that Matoran control of elemental powers. He tested his hypothesis out on a series of seven Matoran, with One (both the number and the character) being the weakest of his experiments and seven being the strongest (as it was the most complete). One was the very first Silent One created, and as such, he is their leader, even though even Two could take him down at any time. The Silent Ones give him a sort of respect for being the first one. As such, he lives up to their expectations and usually performs the team's duties himself, often taking down several Toa in the process. He resorts to using help from only Two for only the most brutal missions. One was brought to the Virtual Reality as part of his team's final training to be ready for what their mad maker intends for them to do.

    Name: Seven
    Species: The Silent Ones
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Seven wears a futuristic jumpsuit colored entirely dark green. This includes a black helmet with a black visor. The reason he does this is to hide his strange face, which, as a Silent One, bears no mouth. He also possesses a green tattoo of a 7 on the palm of his right hand, going up to his fingers so that when he touches his fingers together, the seven is completed. There are many grooves in the skin of the jumpsuit, which can open to reveal different components. These include: A grappling hook on the outside of the right arm; A large wing-like glider on the back; Jet boosters on the heels, and a long blade on the outside of the left arm, parallel to it.
    Element: N/A
    Kanohi: N/A
    Powers: Seven has the ability to manipulate the energy in the world around him. This cannot be used to an incredibly extreme degree, as Seven would "self-implode" in a sense. But what Seven can do does have almost endless variations. He can solidify the energy into weapons, he can use it to propel himself at near light-speed, he can release it in a blast that reveals his true power, intimidating opponents. He can also use it as if it were a form of magic, releasing it in beams out of his hands. He can also form images in it, something that is hard for One to do but easy for Seven, showing the gap in their power. The main difference in power between One and Seven is not so much in raw power, but in skill. When One propels himself at near-light speed, he shimmers for a moment before reappearing. Seven, however, appears solidly as if he had teleported. Also, the weapons that Seven makes have almost endless variety and Seven tends to get very creative, but extremely deadly with them. He very rarely uses the functions in his suit, and prefers to just use his power over energy. An additional power that Seven possesses is that he can bring weaker opponents to their knees simply by being in the same vicinity as them. His power is so great that a pushing force is exerted around him in an area as big as a 20-foot radius.
    Abilities: Seven does not need to rely on hand-to-hand combat or acrobatics as he simply can just “teleport” to where he needs to go. He has mastered energy manipulation like no other Silent One, and as such is the most powerful of them all.
    Weakness(es): What is curious about Seven is that he is the only Silent One who actually needs his suit. The other Silent Ones wear their suits for the functions they provide, while seven wears it as a life-support system.
    Weapons and Equipment: Besides his jumpsuit, Seven has no other weapons or equipment. This jumpsuit, however, serves as a crucial life-support system for Seven.
    Personality: Seven does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He has no concept of authority and willingly lets One take control of the group, even though he is the strongest. Seven is lazy and ignorant, and really only mobilizes when he feels he has good reason. However recently he has been increasingly skeptical about his insane maker, and is more wary than ever.
    Bio: Seven was the last Silent One created, and therefore the strongest. As such, he is revered and respected for his strength as much as One is respected for his seniority. The only reason Seven is so strong, however, is because he awoke while his mad maker was in the process of creating him. In extreme pain, he ripped through his bindings and tried to kill his maker. However, the rest of the team subdued him. Three actually had to pierce his chest with a bolt of energy for him to be fully quelled. But he never fully healed from this, and therefore he was given a special life-support jumpsuit which substitutes the silly-putty like material it is made of for an extensive life-support system. His memories of this incident were also erased, so he has no idea why he needs his life-support system.

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    Post by Hawkeye on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:36 pm

    Name: Vrahn Vadum
    Species: Metruvian Toa
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Vrahn is a Stocky, Metruvian built Toa. His armour is much like his fathers, with ornate spikes set into the shoulder armour. His armour is Black and Silver, with tinges of Dark Green, marking him as a Toa of Gravity. His broadsword is made of a steel alloy, the likes of which he will not say. His shield is also made of this steel, and is heavily decorated like his armour.
    Element: Gravity
    Kanohi: Kanohi Akrix, Mask of Spirit Sight. While some argue that Vrahn’s mask is useless, he says otherwise. It allows him to summon and see spirits of the deceased, so he can talk to them. He is able to glean information from enemies like this, as often they are all too willing to talk to a living being.
    Powers: Gravity Powers
    Abilities: Minor control over mechanics (he is able to remotely control certain mechanical devices. Eg: he can remotely trigger a guns firing mechanism without holding the weapon)
    Weakness(es): Vrahn, while being fairly hard to outwit, and being able to hold his own in sword combat, is weak against foes who are faster, stronger, or rely more on mask powers than anything else.
    Weapons and Equipment: Broadsword, Shield
    Personality: : Vrahn is a gruff, tactical thinker. However, this is just a front for his true side. He is more caring than many would imagine. He’s the older brother, the one who looks out for others. He makes sure everyone is working to the best of their abilities.
    Other Notes (Optional): If there was a Bio Section it'd replace this thing >:L
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    Post by Tyler Durden on Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:18 pm

    Name: Feyrren
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vortixx
    Appearance: Black Vortixx, tall and lithe.
    Powers: None.
    Abilities: He's very good with his hands, able to make equipment out of almost anything.
    Equipment: Slight armor he's crafted for himself, dagger, and pistol.
    Personality: Fun-loving and mischievious, with an air of aloofness about him. He's a jokester, straight down to the core.
    Weakness(es): No powers.

    Name: Castor Troy
    Species: Toa
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Skinny and anemic. Rather handsome, with brilliant blue eyes and a charming grin. Leather sheath that holds a beautifully crafted sword with a lapiz lazuli (a stone corresponding with luck) built into a gilded hilt.
    Element: Air
    Kanohi: Kualsi
    Powers: Air powers, including Vacuum.
    Abilities: Born leader, smart, tactical genius, and charming.
    Weakness(es): Rather cocky.
    Weapons and Equipment: Two pistols and sword.
    Personality: He's charming, free-spirited, and intellectual. A born leader, with philosophical bursts that can draw in people to lead him to the gates of hell and back. He is driven in the most dangerous kind of way, willing to die or kill in order to meet his end goals.

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    Post by Specialist Skarloth on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:32 pm

    Name: Shorn
    Species: Skakdi (Spineless)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A grey skinned Skakdi, with brown flexible armor covering him from head to toe, including a helmet with large eyes carved out for his vision power. No spine, it was surgically removed years ago.
    Element: Stone ins conjunction with another Skakdi.
    Kanohi: None.
    Powers: Heat vision.
    Abilities: Extremely strong and quick, has been known to knock down entire brick or stone walls in a matter of seconds. He is also deadly precise, and intelligent, and never hits or strikes anywhere randomly, if he punched you in your neck, it was all part of some plan to bring you down faster.
    Weakness(es): His armor, it slows him down, even though he is fast enough in it.
    Weapons and Equipment: A high tech Xian rifle with a 20x scope and semi-automatic firing, his other weapons include two arm mounted blades the length of his arms, which retract into smaller pieces to fit into his wrist armor.
    Personality: Silent, stoic, and won't say much to enemies, just attacks, defeats, and moves on.
    Other Notes (Optional): He was an experiment, the islands of Xia, Artakha, and Karzanhi all came together to make a super soldier, one that could outsmart and defeat any foe he was put up against. They chose a Skakdi, for their natural sturdiness, and ripped him of his spine, putting him through the most brutal training ever imagined, and then again, and again, and again, until he made not one mistake during training. After that, they sent him on secretive missions to sabotage businesses around the universe, and one by one, he took every single one down. They believed, that if given the time, he could do anything. They gave him armor from Artakha's forge, and weapons for Xia, with Karzanhi only providing more body strength to the Skakdi.

    He's been doing their bidding ever since.

    Name: Yghari
    Species: Toa of Plasma
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A normal sized Toa, completely white from head to toe, with golden armor. He wears a grey robe that is covered in flexible plates of armor.
    Element: Plasma
    Kanohi: Kakama
    Powers: Anything heat, fire, or plasma related.
    Abilities: Very light on his toes, and a good swordsman, he carries no firearms with him, only a double bladed sword. He also has a knack for fooling his opponents, making them believe they are winning, and then striking out with his full force, usually killing, or defeating them
    Weakness(es): His robe is a bit of a hindrance, but not enough to stop him. He also cannot see out of his left eye, and half his range of vision is sliced in two.
    Weapons and Equipment: A double bladed sword, along with a double sided axe that is welded onto a long chain.
    Personality: Talkative, and quick to make allies in this game, he'd rather team up with someone and beat the Rahi than fight each other. Other then that, he's determined, rarely looses his head about things, and enjoys peace and quiet when he can get some.
    Other Notes (Optional): No Bio available at this time, please call again later, Monday through Friday, 3 PM to 9 PM Central Standard Time. Thank you for calling the Biography service!


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    Post by Legolover-361 on Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:18 pm

    Name: Arvina
    Species: Vortixx
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Arvina is your typical Vortixx: tall, on the slim side, not very muscular, not bad-looking at all. Her ebony armor is somewhat thicker than the typical Vortixx's, as she always fancied herself a fighter.
    Element: N/A
    Kanohi: N/A
    Powers: N/A
    Abilities: Being a Vortixx, Arvina has a little more than the usual share of brains. She is inventive and knows how to read a situation. Her dexterity is above-average, as is her speed. While she is not a practiced warrior, her technological enhancements give her an edge.
    Weakness(es): Arvina is likely to lose in battles of strength. She's very reliant on technology; apart from it she is nowhere near as good a fighter.
    Weapons and Equipment: Solar-powered right wrist multitool attachment: laser blaster (recharges over time), magnetic harpoon / grappling hook; electro-spear, plugged into right wrist multitool attachment
    Personality: Like many Vortixx, Arvina has a slightly overblown idea of her mental prowess; she is stuck-up and often gets irritable when she is forced to follow someone she sees as less qualified. She isn't very friendly. Sometimes she can't help but treat others as her inferiors. While she isn't much in the way of a companion, she has excellent money-related skills and a seemingly innate instinct for recognizing good deals.
    Other Notes (Optional): "Arvina" is Latin for "bacon". =3

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    Post by Lord Nektann on Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:06 pm

    Name: Jamnicwo
    Gender: Male
    Species: Toa
    Appearance: Orange and white with purple streaks, strong build.
    Element: Plasma
    Kanohi: Garai
    Powers: Heat Resistant Armor
    Abilities: Perfect sniper
    Weaknesses: Jamnicwo is very excited to fight, and can get too involved in a fight and be ambushed
    Weapons Equipment: Plasma Rifle that has a curved blade at the end for close combat
    Personality: A gentleman, and is very honor-based. He is very determined to finished goals, and usually will fight to the death. He is good at forming partnership, and has a strong since of being a leader.

    Name: Nakulo
    Species: Skakdi
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Very tall and purple-hued armor along with a seeming inability to grin like all Skakdi. He has very powerful muscles, that prove scary when coupled with his everlasting scowl
    Element: Water (Without Skakdi conjunction)
    Kanohi: N/A (Cause he likes his face)
    Powers: Ice vision and text 'unscrambling' to render secret notes unreadable
    Abilities: High-level manipulation of water and ice powers.
    Weakness: Being goaded into believing he will have an easy fight.
    Equipment: Talon
    Personality: Nakulo is very confident in his abilities and has exceptional mastery of his army. He is extremely quick to notice errors in army structure and fix them. He has a straightforward adherence to a task, and would never disobey authority.

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